Ice Climber Wiki

Mountain 7 is the seventh mountain out of all thirty-two different mountains in the video game Ice Climber.


The first level is solid and has a barrier on the left side. Walk to the left and loop around to get to the right.

The second level is a small, slow moving cloud.

The third level has very little solid ground; most of it is on the left side. There is a barrier on the middle of the left side. Also, the floor is a left-sliding floor. It is probably safest to be on the right of that barrier and wiat for a Topi to fill in the rest of the level.

The fourth level has almost no ground. There are two barriers on the left side that have one block each attached and three breakable blocks on the far right. DO NOT BREAK THESE. Jump on them instead.

The fifth level has an alternating two-blocks-there, two-blocks-not pattern. All of them are unbreakable. There is a topi that will leave breakable blocks though.

The sixth level has an alternating two-blocks-there, two-blocks-not pattern like the fifth one. Every space above an unbreakable block is empty and every space above an empty space is unbreakable.

The seventh level is a large, slow cloud.

The eighth level is a solid right-sliding floor.


If you do not have jumping down perfectly, it might be a good idea to not rush through this level. Also, this might be a good place to practice jumping.


The bonus level has a lot of platforms. Each one can be reached from one below it. This should be very easy to complete.