Ice Climber Wiki

Mountain 6 is the sixth mountain out of all thirty-two different mountains in the video game Ice Climber.


The first level is solid.

The second level is a slow, wide cloud. The third level is a cloud that is half the width and double the speed of the second level. Move past these quickly so that you don't get caught by the Polar Bear.

The fourth level is solid with a horizontal barrier three-fourths to the right.

The fifth level is a rightward-moving floor with a four-there four-not pattern.

The sixth level contains a solid floor with the center half empty. When you are on this floor, wait for the fifth floor to be filled in, or wait for the polar bear (which will move the Topi from the fifth level to the sixth level) and the sixth floor to be filled in. Unless you are speed-running in which case waiting is not strictly necessary.

the seventh level is a wide, slow moving cloud.

the eighth level has a four-there four-not pattern.


This involves a lot of clouds. The difficulty is dependent of one's proficiency with them.


After the standard bonus bottom, there is a cloud layer. Jump on the cloud to get to the platform to the right, get the fruit then get back on the cloud to get to the fruit on the left.

Get on the next cloud, get on the next three-there,two-not layer. Then use the next two clouds to get on the platform on the center then the top. Then grab the Condor.