Ice Climber Wiki

Mountain 5 is the fifth mountain out of all thirty-two different mountains in the video game Ice Climber.


The first level is solid with a barriers three-fourths of the way to the left.

The second level consists of two-small, slow clouds.

The third level has two barriers, one in the center and one above the first-level one. The space between them is open, the rest is solid. Use the open space solely as a distraction for the Topi.

The fourth level is solid.

The fifth level is a fast, medium cloud.

The sixth level is solid, with an annoying Topi.

The seventh level has a fast, wide cloud.

The eighth level alternates four blocks open, four blocks there. The ground is a fast, left slide.


The constant clouds are annoying, as is the constant Topis above cloud layers. This level also has Icicles.


This is platform jumping with a small amount of clouds at the top. If you found the previous level's bonus was easy, this should be easy as well.