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Mountain 4 is the fourth mountain out of all thirty-two different mountains in the video game Ice Climber.


The first level is solid.

The second level is alternating two-blocks broken, two-blocks there. Fortunatly, the blocks that are there are unbreakable.

The third level is a wide, slow-moving cloud.

The fourth level is solid with a barrier three-fourths of the way to the right.

The fifth level is a solid, left-slding floor with a barrier in the center.

The sixth level is solid.

The seventh and eighth levels are both wide clouds. The cloud on level eight is twice as fast as the one on level seven.


The hardest part should be the seventh and eighth levels. It is rather easy other than that.

However, that part is still easy. A Topi can fill in any gaps in the sixth level which will prevent you from falling off the screen and the Polar Bear has no influence once the eighth level has been reached.


This is just a bunch of platforms. While a cloud is given, none are necessary, until the top which requires riding two clouds to reach a center platform. From there, the Condor can be reached.