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Mountain 10 is the tenth mountain out of all thirty-two different mountains in the video game Ice Climber.


The first level is solid as always.

The second level has a fast, right-moving cloud.

The third level has blocks arranged in a two-there-two-not pattern.

The fourth level is peculiar in that it has both ground (in a four-there-four-not pattern), but is also has a wide, left-moving, slow cloud. The cloud will take anyone on the ground on that level all the way to the left, so it is safe to stay on the level, and have the cloud take Popo to the left of the level.

The fifth level is a repeat of the third level.

The sixth level has some unbreakable blocks, and has a left-sliding floor.

The seventh level is complete, and has a right-sliding floor.

The eighth level has a small, fast cloud.


The difficulty in this level comes from having to jump between levels with a lot of holes in all floors. And breaking blocks in this level is discouraged. Waiting for topis to fill in those breaks could lower the dificulty significantly. So this is harder on a speed run than otherwise.


The first platform with the second-highest vegetable is reachable without using a cloud. The one with the highest vegetable is not. The next platform is reachable from either of the two lower platforms. The next platform requires a cloud to get to; unfortunately that cloud is slow. Another cloud is required after that platform to reach the highest platform, after which reaching the top is easy.

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